Tom Harris #1 #84 Brisca F1 Night Light - Large Wooden Base

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UK Wall to USB Adapter Plug

7 colour LED Illumination Night Light of Tom Harris #84 #1.

Caricature Brisca F1 Stock Car drawn by Keith Davies Fine Art. The artwork is engraved on Acrylic, which slots into a high quality Beech wood base with LED lighting.
Since the image is engraved, the immense detail can be seen even without the device switched on. 

Size: 300mm x 220mm 

A switch can be used to select up to 7 different colours and 3 alternating colour patterns. 

7 Colour Settings - ALL included:

  1. Cold white
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Dark Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Purple
  7. Light Blue

3 Alternating Colour Patterns 

  • 7 colour gradient
  • 7 colour flash (slow)
  • 7colour flash (fast)

A USB lead is included and can be plugged into any USB plug, which is available to purchase in the options above. 

USB Adapter Plug - £3