Come to our meetings and see our products up close. You'll be amazed by our wide range of night lights. Plus, you can avoid shipping costs by picking up your items there. Don't forget to contact us to reserve or order personalised items for pickup.

We will holding a stall at the following race meetings:


 Date Track Details
16/03/24 Kings Lynn F1 Stock Cars Season Opener including W+Y 2023 Finale plus the Eric Graveling memorial, BriSCA MiniStox & 2L Stock Cars
29/03/24 Skegness Brisca F1, Brisca f2, National Hot Rod
01/04/24 Kings Lynn WACKY RACES – 4x4 SUV Bangers, Siamese Bangers, Reliant Robins & Micro Banger Wacky Races
13/04/24 Buxton BriSCA F1 Stockcars WCQR
F2 Stockcars
V8 Stockcars
National MiniStox
14/04/24 Skegness Crashattack Reunion & Chris Murfin Memorial
Pre 90 2L National Bangers, 2L Saloons, 1300 Saloons (GRQ), Junior Bangers
20/04/24 Bradford Brisca F1, National Ministox, Micro F2
27/04/24 Mildenhall  BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, 2L Saloons
06/05/24 Kings Lynn THE DRAFT – Unlimited, 2L, 1600 & Micro Banger Teams plus Reliant Robins
11-12/05/24 Skegness May Speed Weekend
BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, National Ministox
18/05/24 Kings Lynn F1 Stock Cars & F2 Stock Car Beechwood Contractors British Championship
25/05/24 Kings Lynn 2L Stock Car Lowman Race Engines National Championship, 1300 Stock Car British Championship & Unlimited Bangers
26/05/24 Bradford BriSCA F1 (6000th Meeting), BriSCA F2
27/05/24 Kings Lynn Big Van Bangers, Micro Bangers, Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers
8-9/06/24 Northampton

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars - European Championship 

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - European Championship

National Saloon Stock Cars

16/06/24 Skegness All Banger Event
Unlimited National Bangers Teams, Micro Bangers, Junior Bangers, Lady Rookie Bangers
22/06/24 Kings Lynn 2L Bangers War of the Worlds Teams, 1300 Stock Cars,40 years of 673 John Moat & 2L Stock Cars
29/06/24 Bradford BriSCA F1 (British Championship), BriSCA V8
30/06/24 Buxton Unlimited Bangers King of The Peak Championship 
Super Bangers Buxton Saloon British Championship, National MiniStox, StoxKarts
Open Rods, Micro F2s
06/07/24 Kings Lynn F1 Stock Car Dave Leonard Memorial & Unlimited Banger War of the Worlds & F2 Stock Cars
6-7/07/24 Ipswich


World Championships:National Hot RodsNinja Karts, Stock Rods, Superstox, 

2.0 Hot Rods,1300cc Stock Cars, Classic Hot Rods, Bangers

11-12/07/24 Skegness UK Speed Weekend
BriSCA F2, 2L Saloons, BriSCA F1
20/07/24 Kings Lynn 2L Banger World Final & 2L Stock Cars
21/07/24 Hednesford BriSCA F1 Semi Final, National Ministox, Brisca V8
03/08/24 Kings Lynn F1 Stock Car World Championship Semi Final & 2L Stock Cars European Championship Qualifying
04/08/24 Kings Lynn F1 Stock Cars Ben Turner Memorial & 2L Stock Car European Championship
10/08/24 Bradford Big Van Bangers, Junior Bangers, Lady Bangers, Modstox, ORCI Ministox
10-11/08/24 Mildenhall National Saloon Stock Cars
British Championship Weekend, Brisca F2
26/08/24 Kings Lynn Big Van Bangers Charity Special, 1300cc Stock Car Steve Newman Memorial and Reliant Robin World of Shale 
31/08/24 Cowdenbeath Saloons World Championship/Brisca F2 Scottish Championship
07/09/24 Kings Lynn Unlimited Banger World of Shale & 2L Stock Cars Bumper Trophy
13/09/24 Skegness BriSCA F2, 2L Saloons
14/09/24 Skegness 2024 BriSCA F1 Championship of the World
BriSCA F1, 2L Saloons
15/09/24 Skegness 2024 World Masters
BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2
05/10/24 Ipswich 2024 Unlimited National Bangers Championship of the World
12/10/24 Skegness BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, National Ministox
13/10/24 Skegness  BriSCA F1, 2L Saloons, National Ministox, BriSCA V8 Hotstox
19/10/24 Kings Lynn F1 Stock Cars NPC Round & 2025 WQR & F2 Stock Car World of Shale
24/10/24 Skegness Halloween Spooktacular
Big Thunder Monster Truck Car Crushing
BriSCA F2, Old School unlimited Bangers, Junior Bangers
26/10/24 Kings Lynn Halloween Carnival Night – Gigantic Fireworks Display, Halloween Fancy Dress Parade, Unlimited Bangers 25 & Under Champ of GB & King of the Fens, 1300 Stock Cars World of Shale & Reliant Robins
02/11/24 Bradford Brisca V8, Reliant Robins, Brisca F2, Firework Display
03/11/24 Skegness Massive £10000 Firework Display
Banger Caravan Destuction Derby
BriSCA F2, Rookie Bangers Racing for Gracie Mae & Under 25 Championship, 1300 Saloons, GT hotrods
09/11/24 Bradford Brisca F1 Shootout Final, Brisca F2 Shootout Finale
16/11/24 Skegness BriSCA Gala Night
BriSCA F1, National Ministox, BriSCA V8 Hotstox
08/12/24 Kings Lynn Unlimited Banger Nutcracker, 1600cc Banger National Championship & Classic Cars R Us Junior Banger


Look forward to seeing you there!