About Us

We have been selling toy oval racetrack for over 5 years, our mission is supply endless amounts of fun for all kids interested in the amazing sport, we all call stock car and banger racing!

The idea came from playing with toy cars myself when i was younger, something i would spend hours doing with my older brother, but we never had an actual oval race track to play with! An old mat dug out of the garage was our solution, creating fences with skirting boards and furniture and then gluing old toy car tires on the mat to make the infield. (like Skegness Raceway, our home track!)

When my nephew was born, we wanted him to play with his toy cars on a track that was realistic, fun to play with and easily put away and stored. So, we did just that! 

After 4 years of hand-making over 300 tracks, nothing makes us happier than hearing about the excitement experienced by our young stock car and banger racing fans on their birthdays or Christmas day. So if you have a spare moment, consider letting us know how we're doing on either our Facebook page or online reviews! 

Over the years we have also tried our best to make as many different tracks to suit everyone's needs as well as going the extra mile with some personalised tracks. Feel free to ask us anything and we will try our best to fulfil your request.

Phone:07557 445794