Building your very own Stock Car!

Building your very own Stock Car!

Harry Peall

Making your Stock Car Model

We have sent out a lot of our Build Your Own Stock Car F1 Models! That means there are lots of you that will have had the chance to make your very own stock car. From the excitement of the postman delivering the box to putting the final piece in place there are so many steps to building your Stock Car!

We have put together a little list of the stages of building your very own Stock Car model:

Stage 1 – PURE EXCITEMENT! It is here, your kit has arrived, you have laid out all the wooden pieces and read through the instructions, it’s time to begin!

Stage 2 – POPPING OUT! There is something really satisfying about popping the little wooden shapes out of the mold and working out what parts they are, also that little bit of fear that they will break (don’t worry, they won’t).

Stage 3 - HAVE I GOT ENOUGH HANDS??? As you start to put the pieces together it can feel really fiddly and you start to think you need about 10 more pairs of hands, but you soon get the hang of it.

Stage 4 – STICKY STICKY GLUE! Using the glue to stick it together makes sure the model stays together exactly as it should, but does anyone else end up with strings of glue everywhere and at least 2 fingers stuck together?

Stage 5 – JOY! You have successfully followed all the instructions, all the pieces are in place, you have unglued your fingers and you have your very own completed Stock Car model!

If you are looking to paint your stock car, check back here later as we will be posting some ideas and recommendations that might help you out.

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